Sore Hip

Reasons For A Sore Hip

There are many things that can cause a sore hip and there are also medical illnesses that list a sore hip as a symptom of a bigger problem. When pain is seen in the hip, it is usually a sign of problems with the joints or cartilage that surrounds the femur bone. For several reasons, the joints can become damaged and frail and this is a very painful condition. But pain in either side of the hip can also be an indication of over use. When the doctor assesses where the pain is localized and how severe it is, he will be able to diagnose the problem.

The hip joint is made up of the femur and pelvic bones. It joins the body to the leg and the upper part of the femur sets in a socket. The femur swivels within this socket and this is how we rotate the hips. Most cases of hip pain occur when there is a problem with the hip joint itself but there are many pelvic bones that surround the area that can also become painful if there is an injury to them. The symptoms of a sore hip include pain, inflammation and a swelling or redness that occurs in the area. The inflammation is what causes most of the pain.

Within the hip structure, there is only a small amount of fluid to keep things running smoothly. That is all that is needed for the femur to swivel in the socket. Inflammation happens because of an injury or illness and it produces extra fluid and blood in the hip space. The pain occurs when the space is stretched by this extra fluid. There are a few common types of injuries associated with a sore hip and some of them require surgery to fully heal.

Osteoporosis is a disease that is seen in elderly people. It is a consistent thinning of the bones and it happens over a long period of time. People who are ageing can also lose bone density and this puts them at a high risk for a fractured hip. When an elderly person complains of a severely sore hip, a doctor will examine the pelvic area and take a few X-rays to determine if the sufferer has a fractured hip. One of the most common reasons for a fractured hip is because of a fall but it can also happen from a traumatic injury to the hip area.

There are tendons, muscles and ligaments that surround the hip. Due to over exercise or a strenuous activity, the hips can become sore. This is a result of over using the hips and normally you can use an ice pack to reduce inflammation and pain. This type of injury can be fully cured in a matter of days. But if you continue to take part in the activity for a long period of time it can eventually damage the joints or cartilage surrounding the hip.

Bursa inflammation or hip bursitis can cause a sore hip. It also involves inflammation which means that it can be severely painful. Outside of the hip there is a sac called the trochanteric bursa. It protects the muscles and tendons as they cross the femur. The sac itself becomes inflamed and this is a result of a traumatic injury or over activity. Hip bursitis is not a permanent condition and it can be helped by reducing activity and resting the area, until the inflammation is gone.

There are certain bacterial and viral illnesses that can also cause pain in the hips. If you are experiencing pain for no apparent reason, you should be checked out by a doctor immediately, to rule these illnesses out.